Redlands 4th of July Committee

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the 2021 Fireworks Display will not have ticket sales for a live audience. However, this also means that our Fallout Zone is larger! This allows us to shoot off larger shells that go higher than in the past so people can see the show from their neighborhoods. The fireworks display will happen at Moore Middle School.
We are happy to announce the display will be LIVE YouTube (more Info to follow) with music from the 4th of July Band and our MC thanking all of our community Sponsors for their Support to host the event.

In the planning are also some Flyover Airplanes. 

The Redlands 4th of July Committee is a Non- Profit Organization and needs your Donations to cover costs for this years show and to insure for a Come back show with entertainment in 2022!
Thank you
Redlands 4th of July Committee

T-shirts are for sale at Gerrards Market and
City Hall for $20.00

Watch the Redlands 4th of July event live