Frequently Asked Questions
What should I do with my pet on the 4th of July?

Feel free to bring your well-behaved pets to Sylvan Park and the parade. No pets are allowed in Ted Runner Stadium.

Here are some tips on how to help your pet during firework shows from From a nationally renowned pet-health expert who lives in Redlands and owns the downtown shop Furry Face.

1. Do not leave animals outside AT ALL for the next several days to eliminate panic and runaways. Go outside WITH your pets, stay with them and, if necessary, take them out on a leash, even in their own backyard. This is not about how humans see it. This is about how animals see it and, to them, it’s terrifying, loud, unknown, smells dangerous (burning) and threatening. Even if it’s not close by, animals’ sense of smell and hearing is MUCH greater than ours.

2. If fireworks are close by or large enough, the concussive impact of the explosion can be felt by animals further increasing their fear. Animals will choose flight over fight instinctively so be sure they wear collars with tags showing CURRENT contact info!!!

3. Keeping a TV on a station or show that is loud to drown out outside noises. We prefer a TV over music because the images can help to distract the dog and interrupt focus. We carry something called a Happy Hoodie that is comfortable and they can wear over their ears.

4. We have a sale on a calming product called “July Third” thru July 3rd while supplies last. We have a lot of other calming products that come in liquid tinctures, chewables, capsules and powders. Also, we have CBD oil for high anxiety kids.

5. Crating is beneficial during this time because it helps the dog feel more secure.

6. As seen in this photo you can wrap a dog with an ace bandage, but any tight t-shirt will provide that same hugged feeling, helping the dog feel more secure.

How long has Redlands put on this 4th of July Celebration?

This will be our 52nd year, and it’s going strong!

What is the Schedule of Events?

Our full day of celebration starts at Sylvan Park where you will find live music, games, food, booths from Redlands staples, a parade and so much more! Join us as we come together and as we celebrate what a great city, community, and nation that we are privileged to belong. All activities are open by 9 am, and the parade begins their route around the park at 10:30 am.

The Park Schedule is as follows:

9:00 – 10:30AM / THE DISTRICT 909 BAND




12:30 – 1:30PM / THE DISTRICT 909 BAND

1:30 – 2:15PM / 4TH OF JULY BAND

2:15 – 3:15PM / THE DISTRICT 909 BAND

Once again the University of Redlands plays host to one of the largest 4th of July celebrations in the State of California. The gates at the U of R Stadium will open by 5:15pm.

The live show and opening ceremonies will begin at 5:30pm. and will include a flag ceremony and a flyover by a C17 at 5:45pm and four T34’s at 6:15pm. There will also be a FREE CLIMBING WALL and BOUNCE HOUSE for Kids inside the Stadium.

After the flyover, skydivers will be landing in the stadium. The stadium festivities will kick off with the traditional concert by the Redlands 4th of July Band under the direction of Curtiss Allen Junior. The National Anthem will be sung by Mary Naman. Get ready for some great music at 8pm with the Chris Farmer Music Presents: The Belair Bandits – A Tribute to California and Americana Music. Fireworks presented by Pyro Spectaculars will begin at approximately 9 p.m. under the direction of Jeff Martin.

Are fireworks illegal in Redlands?

“All fireworks – including so-called “safe and sane” fireworks – are illegal in the City of Redlands.

While fireworks have been prohibited for many years within the City limits, with fines of up to $1,000 per violation,…More than 16,000 fires and almost 9,000 emergency room visits are associated with fireworks nationally each year, at the cost of more than $100 million. Between $15 million and $20 million in property loss occurs every year due to fireworks.” patch.com